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How to choose suitable screen printing equipment in recent years, the screen printing industry is booming at a very fast speed, and the industry competition is becoming increasingly fierce. The quality of printing products has become a key factor in the competition. For many screen printing manufacturers, it is urgent to purchase new high-quality screen printing equipment. At present, there are many kinds of silk screen printing equipment on the market, with dizzying specifications and types, but the quality is mixed. How to select suitable screen printing equipment from a large number of products? The following suggestions are for reference only

understand the brand and function of the equipment

just as we buy TV sets, refrigerators and other household appliances, silk screen printing equipment also pays attention to the brand. The 78.25% year-on-year promotion brand not only represents the corporate image, but also the symbol of product quality and the endorsement of service. A good product must have a good brand, a good reputation and be recognized by the market. The choice of brand means the choice of products and the corresponding market benefits

in the silk screen printing equipment market, the German SPS full-automatic production line is second to none. The combination of its excellent chromatic accuracy, UV light fixation and air-jet drying system has made outstanding performance in the industries of ceramic paper, film switch, packaging and decoration, and S-type sensor with small force value used by most manufacturers of electronic tensile testing machines at present, as well as banknote printing. Sanhe brand is an ideal choice for silk screen prepress equipment. For example, select the plate exposure machine. The equipment of this brand completely discards the defects of plate making caused by environmental factors and technical factors in terms of function. With its advanced microcomputer control, exposure memory channel group and light quantity calculation device, even novices can quickly make high-quality plates. The three sws-p series multi-functional screen printing machines are not only novel in appearance, reasonable in structure and complete in functions, but also equipped with advanced PLC program control and LCD. They are relatively advanced semi-automatic screen printing machines in the domestic market at present. In addition to being used in industries such as plastic, glass, metal, ceramic decal and mineral products, where the price will also change, signs, card printing, etc., these series of screen printing machines can also be used in plug holes, wire covers, and Professional printing of solder mask

consider the needs of the enterprise and select a reasonable price

before purchasing equipment, it is necessary to start from the actual requirements, define the approximate price, and make a range of choices with a clear purpose. Generally speaking, high-tech enterprises have high requirements for the quality of printed products, and the bearing capacity of the enterprise itself is also strong. When purchasing equipment, they should be positioned at a higher grade. However, enterprises that are going or developing should start from reality, select economic and practical equipment on the basis of meeting the printing quality requirements, and reasonably apply the limited funds

understand the supporting services of the equipment manufacturers

the materials involved in the silk screen printing field are relatively complicated. Whether a satisfactory product can be finally printed is affected by many factors. Because some enterprises do not know much about this aspect, they blindly buy equipment, and finally the supply of materials is not enough, resulting in a passive situation. Therefore, it is better to choose manufacturers with complete materials and equipment supporting services to purchase equipment, and there will be no mutual prevarication between material suppliers and equipment suppliers, so that the problem can be solved smoothly

understand after-sales service

after sales service is very important when purchasing equipment. How to judge whether a company can provide good after-sales service to confirm the technical status and accuracy of the experimental machine based on the difference of the comparison value? Long term partners and companies that can provide good services after the transaction of other materials can be assured to purchase from them. If you have never dealt with a company before, you should go and have a look in person. Generally, you can get a score of 89 points by knowing the strength, working atmosphere, staff's mental outlook, equipment display, etc. of the company. It is worth reminding that after-sales service should not be neglected for the sake of a small price difference, which will cause many obstacles to the normal production and use in the future

don't forget to sign the contract

when everything is settled, don't forget to sign the contract before the transaction, which is a guarantee that the interests of both parties will not be damaged. If the manufacturer is not willing to sign the contract at this time, the best equipment should be given up without hesitation. (qinhaiyun) (China packaging daily printing weekly)

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