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On the morning of December 21, Beijing time, the Guardian reported that London Gatwick Airport has been closed since Wednesday night, local time, due to the discovery of two unmanned aircraft flying nearby

after the UAV was found, the flights at the airport were suspended from 9 p.m. on Wednesday and resumed briefly at 3 a.m. However, 45 minutes later, UAV flight appeared again and the airport was forced to close again. According to skynews, the airport is still closed and passengers are told not to go to the airport in the short term

3. Stretch space (mm): 600 the army has been asked to support the Sussex police. The police assessed that the incident had nothing to do with terrorist activities, but it was a deliberate disturbance of air flights. The police are still looking for ways to solve the UAV, but due to the risk of stray bullets, the possibility of shooting down the UAV is currently ruled out. If the operator of the UAV is captured, he may face up to five years' imprisonment

Ryanair and other airlines have announced that they plan to start operation at London Stansted Airport tomorrow. In addition to stopping all flights, the closure of Gatwick Airport also means that many arriving flights have to turn to other airports in London, including Luton airport, Heathrow airport and Stansted Airport. Other flights were diverted to Paris and Amsterdam. A total of 760 flights carrying 110000 passengers were scheduled to take off and land at Gatwick Airport on Thursday

in response to this incident, the British Civil Aviation Authority said, "it is totally unacceptable to fly UAVs near the airport. Anyone who ignores the rules may face severe punishment including imprisonment". The current law points out that it is illegal in the UK to fly UAVs within 1km of the airport without explicit permission, which can significantly reduce the weight compared with stainless steel and titanium products. In addition, although UAV users in the United States have been required to register since 2015, similar regulations in the United Kingdom will not take effect until January 2019, when 1pir insulation materials become the headlines in 2017

since it is difficult to find the operator of UAV, the industry has put forward some technical measures to technically restrict the flight of UAV near the airport. An aviation security company suggested that the airport could use radar, camera detection, radio frequency detection and jamming technology to prohibit illegal UAV flight. In addition, in addition to equipping UAVs with electronic fence software to prevent them from flying in restricted airspace, Dajiang has also developed a technology that can detect UAVs up to 10 miles away

these measures may be necessary as more and more UAV interference incidents are occurring at the airport. According to the global UAV incident station dedrone, in november2018, a total of 13 such incidents occurred in the United States, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, New Zealand and the United Kingdom

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