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How to choose green and environmentally friendly aluminum foil packaging bags

[China Packaging News] now aluminum foil packaging bags have a large market in China's food packaging materials, so how to choose aluminum foil packaging bags? Aluminum foil packaging bag has good shade separation, high heat sealing performance, good moisture resistance and high transparency. And acid resistance, wear resistance and other functions are also very good, so it is widely used in the packaging bag of the food industry. Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to packaging bags. How to choose packaging bags, we need to pay attention to the green environmental protection of printing equipment and machinery. Do not produce harmful gases, odors and liquids. The production process is free of pollution and any harmful substances

the specific energy of the system shall strive to reach 260 watt hours/kg, and the cost shall be reduced to less than 1 yuan/watt hour. Materials without coating and coating shall be used as far as possible, and colored plastic packaging bags shall not be used for food packaging. Such aluminum foil packaging bags are often made of recycled plastic. When leaving the factory, the food packaging bags are odorless and have no peculiar smell. The plastic packaging bags with special smell cannot be used for food packaging. The packaging materials without coating and plating shall be selected as far as possible, and the children shall be covered with serious disease insurance

the appearance of vacuum packaging bag shall be checked. The appearance inspection mainly focuses on whether the packaging bag has obvious scratch; Whether there are pinholes; Whether there is pollution; Whether the sealing is standard. Test of compressive strength and bursting strength. The method for strength and breaking strength is to use the heavy object extrusion method, put the packaging bag on the table, and then add heavy objects on it. After one minute, vacuum the packaging bag to see if there is any deformation, leakage, etc. When selecting materials, environmental friendly materials shall be selected. Attention shall be paid to the recyclability of aluminum foil packaging materials and the environmental protection of materials. No secondary waste shall be used, especially industrial waste or recycled materials shall not be used for food packaging bags

2 China Packaging believes that although green packaging is a hot topic in today's packaging industry, how to make full use of and choose green packaging is also an innovative road, and it is still a profound knowledge

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