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Teach you how to select the coupling

1 Select the connection type. The selection of coupling connection type depends on the connection type between the driving end and the driven end and the shaft. Generally, the key connection is adopted, which is a unified key connection type and code. In gb/t3852, there are seven types of keyway, four types of keyless connection, and A-type key is widely used

2. Select the type, type and specification of coupling. According to the load category, rotating speed, working environment and other comprehensive factors of the power machine and coupling, the coupling type is selected; The coupling type is selected according to the matching and connection of the coupling and other factors; The specification is selected according to the nominal torque, shaft hole diameter and shaft hole length. In order to ensure that the strength of shafts and keys such as tensile performance test, tightening performance test, impact performance test, hardness performance test and yield strength performance test can be directly tested, the strength of shafts and keys shall be checked after the coupling model is selected to finally determine the coupling model

3. Preliminarily select the coupling model. According to the calculated torque TC, the nominal torque TN with approximate phasing can be selected from the standard series, and TN TC shall be met during model selection. The coupling model is preliminarily selected, and the allowable speed [n] of the coupling, the maximum radial dimension D and the axial dimension l0 can be found from the standard, so as to meet the coupling speed n [n]

4. Coupling torque calculation. The power of the power machine in the transmission system shall be greater than the power required by the workpiece machine. According to the power and speed of the power machine, the theoretical short moment t of the high-speed end connected with the power machine can be calculated; According to the working condition coefficient K and other relevant coefficients, the calculated torque TC of the coupling can be calculated. The coupling t is inversely proportional to N, so the low-speed end t is greater than the high-speed end t

check whether the oil circuit system connector is tightened by 5 Adjust the model according to the shaft diameter. The preliminarily selected coupling connection dimension, i.e. shaft hole diameter D and shaft hole length L, shall meet the requirements of shaft diameter at the driving and driven ends. Otherwise, the coupling specification shall be adjusted according to shaft diameter D. It is a common phenomenon that the shaft diameters of the driving and driven ends are different. When the torque and speed are the same, and the shaft diameters of the driving and driven ends are different, the coupling model shall be selected according to the large shaft diameter. In the newly designed transmission system, seven shaft hole types complying with gb/t3852 shall be selected, and J1 shaft hole type is recommended to improve universality and interchangeability. The shaft hole length shall comply with the provisions of the coupling product standard

6. Select standard coupling. When selecting couplings, designers should first select from the couplings that have been formulated as national standards, machinery industry standards and national patents. Only when the existing standard couplings and patented couplings cannot meet the design needs, they need to design their own couplings

7. Select the type and type of coupling. Understand the comprehensive functions of the coupling in the transmission system, and select the coupling type and type from the overall design of the transmission system. At present, the type of coupling is selected according to the category of prime mover and working load, working speed, transmission accuracy, two shaft offset, temperature, humidity, working environment and other comprehensive factors. The structural type of the coupling shall be selected according to the needs of the supporting host. When the coupling is used together with the brake, the coupling with brake wheel or brake disc shall be selected; When overload protection is required, safety coupling device should be selected; When connecting with the flange, the flange type should be selected; For long-distance transmission, when the axial size of the connection is large, the intermediate shaft type or the intermediate sleeve type should be selected

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