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Imede heavily hired the popular singer ulantuya to speak for it, pushing the brand image of imede to a new height. Specializing in the production of aluminum alloy doors and windows, aluminum alloy doors and windows joining, high-grade heavy sliding doors, window screen integrated bridge breaking windows, folding doors, swing doors

summer sunshine

midsummer July is in full swing, and it is also a good time for manufacturers to communicate intensively and cooperate together. With the help of Guangzhou Construction Expo, merchants across the country will gather in the Pearl River Delta to find the ideal brand joining cooperation

yimeide doors and windows casts glory with strength, and warmly welcomes new and old customers all over the country to visit and guide the headquarters and participate in the grand event

join hands with yimeide doors and windows to create tens of millions of big merchants

serial number 001 strong brand stars help

yimeide has hired the popular singer Ulan Tuya to speak for it, pushing the brand image of yimeide to a new height. Hand in hand with ulantuya, with the help of ulantuya

popular song, the brand image of imede is quickly spread to end users, and has a deep brand in the minds of consumers

serial number 002 German technology international quality

Imade introduced advanced production equipment, hired German experts as the chief designer, and designed and processed according to German standards

the wall thickness of the profile of its window products reaches 1.4mm, the performance of the profile reaches the national 6063 aluminum alloy standard, and the mechanical properties are good. The company has also established long-term cooperative relations with internationally renowned door and window hardware accessories manufacturers such as Haobo and siglia in Germany, and adopts German high-quality hardware accessories

serial number 003 strong advertising nationally known

Imade has invested heavily in high-speed rail advertising, road advertising, and national online advertising to improve brand awareness, drive terminal sales, and protect the franchise stores

serial number 004 sales network throughout the country

the large and small project cases of imede are all over the country, and there are more than 200 imede stores or special areas in 30 provinces. The extensive market network creates an indestructible market strength. The more fierce the competition is, the more it is necessary to be in an invincible position with brand partners with market strength

serial number 005 is sold worldwide, and the first-class quality is recognized by foreign merchants. The products are exported to India, Malaysia, Palau, Europe and other regions

serial number 006 intimate service, whole process assistance

yimeide always adheres to the concept of win-win for manufacturers, regards dealers as their families, works hand in hand with dealers, organizes training from time to time, builds a team of

gold medal clerks, and provides strong support for decoration, opening and engineering projects

join hands with Iraq virtue to open the door of wealth,

let go of wealth dreams and enjoy the long voyage

wonderful recommendation

● yimeide doors and windows will go to the next city, sign a contract in Shizhu County, Chongqing, and establish a franchise store

● the aluminum alloy doors and windows project of a large villa garden in Hunan will be started, which will be supplied by yimeide

● Indian businessmen organized a group to visit the imede doors and windows

● Palau, a small island country in the Pacific Ocean, was "captured" by the imede doors and windows

● yimeide doors and windows: after nine years of sedimentation, we can't keep a low profile, and the brand upgrading is launched across the board




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