Kang Ying believes that if you want to make good h

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Precise customization and ingenious manufacturing

"if you want to do a good job of a product, be exquisite, be extreme, and be perfect, you need a craftsman spirit." A really good product must be a work of ingenuity, especially for customized products such as silent doors and windows, craftsmanship is more important. As a manufacturer of high-end aluminum alloy doors and windows, Kangying doors and windows is well aware of the connotation of the craftsman spirit. On the basis of the craftsman spirit with "persistence, concentration and investment" as the core, it dares to innovate and actively embrace change. Kangying has customized high-quality heavy-duty aluminum alloy doors and windows for customers with unique design and refined mute technology to create a private and comfortable home environment and experience

high standard, high quality

Kangying doors and windows has always been to "calm down and enjoy life" to create extraordinary silent aluminum alloy doors and windows, and adhere to the long-term quality line. Material selection is a key determinant to ensure product quality. Kangying door and window profile design adopts European standard hardware notches to connect multiple locking points to achieve a good anti-theft effect. It adopts automobile grade tempered glass. The door leaf of heavy-duty aluminum alloy door is equipped with anti swing and anti sway devices to make it light and noiseless in the process of pushing and pulling. It can be flexibly equipped with hollow tempered glass, hollow inner grid, hollow shutter and other multi-functional glass solutions, double EPDM rubber strips, and realize dry sealing by using the principle of pressure balance, Its sound insulation, heat insulation, heat preservation, waterproof, air tightness performance is excellent

be proficient in details and pursue quality

high grade aluminum alloy doors and windows are not only a kind of decoration, but also a way of life and a kind of taste. In addition to beauty, a delicate door and window also needs to pay attention to details. Details determine the quality. The size of the operating force of manufacturing doors and windows, the structural design of heavy aluminum alloy door and window hardware, the selection of materials, and some trivial details of processing and manufacturing doors and windows all determine the quality of products. Kangying doors and windows is a pragmatic and innovative enterprise full of vitality and positive progress. Every employee has received professional training, pays attention to every detail with professional technology, and will not let go of even a little detail. Every door and window is made with 100% attention. "Be proficient in detail" and "pursue quality". Every door and window requires excellence. Kangying doors and windows creates high-quality products with details to create a quiet and comfortable life for people




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