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Life is colorful, and so should home. The choice of lighting and the temptation of sofa should be available. Of course, choosing the right one requires some effort. The following are some decoration selection skills that you must know summarized by the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network. I hope they are useful to you

one thing to know: color is a therapist

reason for winning: no matter what direction the house is, color can bring out the warmth of home. There are many ways to add color, such as paint, cloth, floor, ceiling, furniture, handicrafts, etc. But too many colors are forbidden in a room

must know 2: Lighting shape design

reason for selection: at present, 30% of lighting adopts natural shape design, such as plum blossom wall lamp, fishtail table lamp, horse and other small animal shapes. Lampshade materials are widely used in paper, wood, yarn, etc. However, excessive use of decorative lights is also detrimental to home health. Especially in children's room, the light should not be too weak

must know 3: there is a comfortable sofa

reason for winning: "how uncomfortable this sofa is to sit, and the posture is not good to change." In fact, just change a sofa. The bottom of the ergonomic sofa is often equipped with a spring bottom support device. Gently press the button on the side of the armrest, and the trim panel in front of the sofa will slowly lift up to support the legs, and the backrest of the sofa can also automatically change the angle with the body

must know 4: choose curtain fabric art with home style

reason for selection: curtains, like sofas, largely determine the tone of home. Looking at your home becoming more and more beautiful, shouldn't that obviously old curtain be torn down? Fabric curtain, bamboo curtain, organ curtain, canopy curtain? According to your personality, you will have more satisfaction

must know 5: fashionable and simple folding storage box

reason for selection: maybe you are worried about the messy computer desk, or maybe you are still angry about not finding a small jewelry. Don't worry, a small folding storage box can help you tidy up your messy home. The storage box can not only store letters and books, but also store some personal clothes, socks, ties, and even become a makeup box for fashionable mm

must know 6: a unique and magnificent screen

reason for selection: if you still think that the screen is only a luxury unique to large-scale buildings, then your home concept is completely out of date. In fact, for the common small family houses at present, the proper use of screens as partitions can make the room more spatial and hierarchical. A unique screen can also bring different interests and vitality to the room

must know 7: effectively alleviate shoulder and back pain

lay a natural rubber mattress

reason for selection: after working for a day, the best thing to enjoy is to have a good sleep. Natural rubber mattresses are not only more environmentally friendly, but also can effectively alleviate shoulder and back pain. From a health point of view, you can also choose or modify a mattress with antibacterial function

must know 8: choose a set of environmentally friendly integrated cabinet

reason for selection: for small apartment houses, if you don't use an integrated cabinet, or your cabinet is not environmentally friendly enough, then an integrated environmentally friendly cabinet will be the first choice. Because of the control of the overall style, the quality of cabinets is relatively important for every owner

must know 9: set into the wall wardrobe

reason for selection: the wall wardrobe has a history of decades in Europe and America, but it is popular later in China. At present, the wall wardrobe has become the trend of household consumption. For small houses, it saves more space

must know 10: stick a new beautiful wall

reason for winning: "the wall is bare and ugly, painting is too troublesome, and it is not environmentally friendly!" In fact, all these problems can be solved by selectively pasting wallpaper on the wall. As an environmental friendly decorative material, wallpaper has been quite popular in Europe, America, Southeast Asia, South Korea and other places





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