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Decoration is naturally inseparable from the main materials of woodworking materials: blockboard, integrated board, particleboard, density board, decorative panel and other plates. What is the role of these wood plates with different names in home decoration

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?? Blockboard: it has good moisture-proof effect and cannot be painted directly. The middle of the blockboard is a core made of natural wood strips, with a thin veneer on both sides. It is one of the most important materials in decoration. It can be used for furniture, wooden doors, door jambs, heating hoods, curtain boxes, etc., with good waterproof performance. When selecting, look at its internal wood. It should not be too broken. Blockboard with a gap of about 3mm between the wood is appropriate. Because the exposed wood grain on the surface is not beautiful, it is rarely painted directly, and the decorative plywood is usually pasted. Furniture and other woodwork made with it need to go through two processes: gluing board and painting, and the cost is higher

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?? Integrated board: not easy to deform. This is a new kind of solid wood material, which is made of high-quality imported large-diameter logs, and is staggered like a finger. Due to different processes, this kind of board has superior environmental protection performance, which is 1/8 of the allowable formaldehyde content of blockboard. On the other hand, this kind of board made of solid wood such as American spruce can be directly colored and painted, which saves a process compared with Blockboard

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?? The nail holding force of medium density board is worse than that of particleboard. Particleboard is the main material of cabinet at present, which is made of natural wood after being crushed into granules and pressed into board. MDF is formed by pressing powdered sawdust, with good flatness but poor moisture resistance. In contrast, the nail holding force of density board is worse than that of particleboard. If the screws loosen after tightening, it is difficult to fix the density board because of its low strength, so it is rarely used as a cabinet

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?? Veneer plywood: easy and cheap. Multilayer board, also known as plywood and plywood, has different layers and different names. Its advantages and disadvantages mainly depend on raw materials. At present, veneer plywood is mainly used in home decoration, that is, very thin solid wood veneer has been pasted on the plywood in the factory. Veneer plywood is easy to use and cheap

?? Precautions

?? First of all, it depends on whether it is environmentally friendly. According to regulations, the formaldehyde emission of indoor building materials must be less than or equal to 1.5 mg per liter. If it exceeds 5 mg per liter, it is substandard

there are three pages in total. The first page is 123. The next page is to look at the moisture content of wood. When the moisture content of wood is higher than the equilibrium moisture content of the environment, the wood will dry and contract, and vice versa. The main reason for wood cracking and deformation is that the moisture content is too high or too low

?? Finally, when buying, don't just try to be cheap. The materials sold at a low price are usually shoddy and formaldehyde seriously exceeding the standard. You should buy them in the formal market, and it's best to buy branded materials

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the European Union regards the implementation of European directives and technical standards as an entry condition for a product to enter the European market. So far, cen has completed more than 600-700 safety standards. Among the class C standards, there are 16 standards related to rubber and plastic machinery, which are formulated by 14 working groups in tc145

at present, the safety standards of rubber and plastic machinery and plastic machinery in China mostly adopt European EN standards. CEN is the main provider of European standards (EN) and technical specifications. Since 1985, the European Union has successively established dozens of safety related standardization technical committees, among which cen/tc145 is the technical committee specially responsible for formulating 'safety standards for rubber and plastic machinery'

in addition to the 16 standards that the member countries of the European Technical Committee for standardization must comply with, some developed countries have also adopted these standards to varying degrees

these standards generally include the definition, hazard enumeration, safety requirements and measures, verification of safety requirements and measures, and safe use information in the safety requirements of each product

on December 2, 2010, Mr. claudiocelate, chairman of cen/tc145, and his delegation exchanged views on the standardization of rubber and plastic machinery between China and Europe with the National Standardization Administration Committee and the National Technical Committee for the standardization of rubber and plastic machinery in Beijing. During the exchange, through the introduction of President celate, we learned several information:

(1) tc145 is responsible for preparing and revising the technical standard of rubber and plastic machinery in Europe. The standard itself is not mandatory, but the European Directive requires that rubber and plastic machinery products must meet the corresponding safety and health requirements. When the en standard formulated by tc145 is not used, relevant supporting documents are required, It shows that rubber and plastic machinery products meet the corresponding safety and health requirements. According to the current statistical data, almost 100% of the rubber and plastic machinery products in EU countries meet the tc145 standard, because it is the most convenient and effective method to meet the tc145 standard

(2) at present, Chinese enterprises are more and more concerned about the European market, and more and more Chinese rubber and plastic machinery have entered the European market. However, although some rubber and plastic machinery products in China have CE mark, they do not fully comply with tc145 standard

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