Analyze the precautions for choosing anti-theft do

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Analyze the precautions for choosing anti-theft doors

editor: Ronggao intelligent doors and windows

anti theft doors are not easy to rust, with good anti-theft performance and high strength, which has attracted thousands of people's attention. Consumers are used for it. In the era when we are keen on anti-theft doors, we should know how to buy anti-theft doors

first, check whether the security door has relevant certificates, such as production license, product certificate, etc., because regular manufacturers have similar certificates in this regard

secondly, select the thickness of the security door. The thickness of the steel plate used for the door frame of the steel anti-theft door shall not be less than 2mm, and the thickness of the steel plate generally used for the front and rear panels of the door leaf is between 0.8-1mm

finally, choose hardware components, mainly the performance of keys and locks, so you must check the performance report of keys and locks when selecting anti-theft doors

the purchase of anti-theft doors requires a certain amount of knowledge, more knowledge and less fakes

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